Welcome to Numbers & Lines, a design house based in South Manchester. We provide a full spectrum of traditional and digital creative services. Ranging from full brand creation to data driven visualisation and animation.

We are a compact, but highly flexible design house – employing resource and technologies only when required. We focus on direct project commissions, but also offer freelance support for advertising and design agencies across Manchester and the North West of England.
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  • Animation

    Capture your audience with inspiring and captivating animations. Animation is great for product prototyping, story telling through to data visualisation and interaction. Our animations can be created for online and offline purposes.

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  • Branding

    We can create, develop and manage your brand. From initial logo concepts through to comprehensive brand guidelines. We can even advise on PR and social media management, allowing your business to harness the many channels available.

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  • Creative Direction

    Looking for ideas and inspiration? Whether creative or technical, we have many years’ experience in finding the right path, person or technology to suit your needs. Not only do we provide the ideas, we can project manage, bringing all of the elements together seamlessly.

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  • Data Visualisation

    Data visualisation and infographics are our passion. It’s probably our geeky side, but we love turning raw data into engaging visual journeys, helping the viewer grasp often complex information. Dependent on your requirements, we can create static, animated or interactive data vis.

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  • Digital

    To us, digital means flexible and measurable. Responsive websites are just part of the digital mix. Along with analytics, social media and mobile apps, the key to digital is keeping one eye on the ‘next big’ thing, whilst having a clear strategy with which to progress.

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